Frequently asked questions

Is Hiker Games capable of finishing the game in 3 years?

We are confident that we can make that deadline. After 12 years of experience in game production, we are not newbies anymore. Many lessons learned during these years.

However, claiming the exact release date now is not realistic. We might face challenges along the way and we want to make sure that our final product is at its best. 

Which lessons learned from previous projects will be applied to 300475?

Instead of focusing on technology races and flashy appearance, we will put our attention to  screenplay and gameplay. That’s the biggest change in our approach. Besides, there are many things that we cannot fully list here.

Will there be a version for PS4 and XBOX?

If PC version launches smoothly, introducing a version for PS4 and XBOX will be obvious.

Which languages will be available?

We will start with two options: Vietnamese and English. Voice acting will also be in Vietnamese and English.

What if crowd-funding campaign fails?

We will fully refund our backers.