Over the years, Vietnam War has been solely shown to the world through the scope of Western media, which is a very one-sided point of view coming primarily from the US approach. However, there were generations of Vietnamese soldiers with unprecedented sacrifice having fought for their country. Our project, therefore, hopes to introduce this unsung perspective of the war to the public.


The core idea of the X30 project is established to depict how a small yet brave nation went through the fierce war, focusing on the story of the Vietnamese people were not crushed by US overpowering military; eventually, reached the final victory.



With the help of technologies and arts, Hiker Games create a fitted medium to convey an authentic Vietnamese experience of the heroic journey to freedom and independence that generations of Vietnamese people once had. However, the product is not merely about combating, it also describes slices of life during wartime.


According to the studio’s estimations, the product of the X30 project will take 30 months for a team of 50 staffs. The producing progress requires a minimum budget of 1 million USD.

The fund will be distributed into salaries, operating expenses, post-production costs such as music composing and voiceovers, professional storytelling, and directing consultants (infrastructure and marketing costs are omitted). If the crowdfunding target is reached, the studio will cover the marketing costs with our own financial budget.


The crowdfunding process lasts 12 months, from April 2021 to April 2022. We will immediately start working on the project as soon as the target is reached. On the other hand, if the target is not fulfilled, all contributors are legally entitled to a full refund.

To start working fundamentally and make the creation process as productive as possible, we divide the production of the game into three stages:

Stage 1: Preparation for production (4-6 months)

Pre-production tackles the most complex technical issues and creates a prototype with new gameplay and mechanics. At the same time, The team will draw up an execution plan with detailed descriptions of the workload for upcoming phases.

Stage 2: Production (15-18 months)

At this stage, the main contents and elements of the game will be designed and then integrated to build the prototype.

Stage 3: Post-production (4-6 months)

The final phase will focus on polishing, testing, and optimizing to ensure the quality of the game at launch.

Calculated total production time: 30 months (reserved time: 6 months)




There are certain risks that sponsors need to be aware of before deciding to fund. These risks are imminent in the video game industry, so it is essential to identify them in advance:

Release Delay

Release Delay is the most common risk in the video game industry due to the complexities of development, integration, and refinement to create a satisfying gaming experience. The studio can assure you that the game will be released, but the exact date may be slightly changed.

Product does not meet customer expectations

Hiker Games understand that it is impossible to meet the expectations of everyone, but our studio can guarantee high-quality graphics and detailed gameplay of a classy FPS game.

Force Majeure

As in the case of any other projects, such force majeure circumstances as natural disasters, global pandemics, wars, etc., could become reasons for the cancelation of production. Unfortunately, we will not be able to return the money to contributors if any of these circumstances occur.


$ 1,000,000 is enormous but not unreachable. It may be vague with only words, so please check out more about the project and our studio here

Thank you so much for being so supportive!