When talking about the game industry, you may never think about Vietnam. We understand that completely. Our impact is too modest compared to many global names. However, we always think that Vietnamese long history deserves to be known, to be praised like any other cultures on earth. We have more than enough materials to tell a compelling story about our beloved and heroic nation.

We believe that video game is the most suitable medium for us to represent a true Vietnam through the lens of people who have lived and breathed the culture. It should not be the privilege of who has more financial resources. This is the reason why we start our crowdfunding campaign.

12 years ago, we produced our first PC game called 7554, with little experience of game production. It failed, without a doubt. But that failure never stops us from making better games. It’s our life lesson and motivation to improve restlessly.


Our vision is to create a shooting game set in the Vietnam War era ( also known as Resistance War Against America in Vietnam), where generations of Vietnamese people shed blood and tears to reunite our nation.

There are games about this period, in which the American soldiers are the war heroes. With this title, we wish that players can have a chance to experience this war from another perspective. A perspective of ordinary people leaving their peaceful life behind to help their fellowmen in need. We want to tell not only the epic saga of our guerilla soldiers sowing fear upon the invaders but also stories of fathers and brothers whose family long for their safe return.


 Firstly, we can ensure to recreate a most realistic Vietnamese setting, compared to other titles covering the same theme. We have the advantage of being immersed with the environment, understanding the geographical features that are unique to Vietnam. 

Secondly, 300475 will explore different facades of the Vietnam War by unveiling content based on real stories about loss, grief, determination, companionship and patriotism. 

Thirdly, we also want to experiment with new FPS gameplay that will excite the hardcore lover of this genre.


According to our estimation, we will need 30 months to produce 300475 with a group of 50 people. It requires a minimum budget of 1 million US dollars. This includes payroll, operating expenses, post production costs such as music composing and voice acting, professional history and directing consultants.

This does not include infrastructure and marketing expenses. If the crowdfunding is successful, Hiker Games will pay for the marketing cost using our own financial resources.

The crowdfunding process lasts for 12 months from April 2021 until April 2022. We will immediately work on the project as soon as the goal is reached. On the other hand, if this project doesn’t reach its requirement then we will return 100% of backers’ money.


Phase 1: Pre-production ( 4-6 months)

Pre-production is going to solve the most challenging technical difficulties and create a prototype with new gameplay and mechanics. At the same time, an execution plan with a detailed amount of workload for upcoming phases will be completed. 

Phase 2: Production ( 15-18 months)

This step includes producing the game’s main content and integrating all elements together.

Phase 3: Post-production ( 4-6 months)

The final phase will focus on polishing and testing to ensure the game’s quality at launch.

Total production time: 30 months ( cushion time: 6 months)


These are the most important lessons we have learnt from our mistake with 7554:

  • Gameplay and story are the focal points of the gaming experience. Especially with the limited resources we have, it's crucial for us to set our priority straight. We cannot produce a pretty game with no substance. 

  • Our communication channel with players will be established at the early stage of our project. We would like to hear as much contribution from the community as possible. 

  • 300475 must be an experience for everyone to enjoy, not exclusive to the Vietnamese audience. You don't need to have prior knowledge of the war or any historical events to be immersed in the game. 


 Unlike 7554, 300475 begins when Hiker Games has 10 times more employees and 12 years of experience of developing games. Not only do we have knowledge of game development, we also are known for our determination. We never gave up our dream of making games even after the first costly project. As long as we get the support from the community, we will make sure that 300475 can be released. Hiker Games’ integrity and credibility also have been proved by our products and employees over the years.

 In case, 300475 does not reach its crowdfunding goal, we guarantee to return backers’ money. All the pledged money will solely be used for game development procedure and nothing else. 


There are several risks associated with this project that you need to know before deciding to support us or not. 

  • Launch delay

This is the most common risk in the game industry due to the complicated process of developing, integrating and polishing a large number of aspects into a satisfying gaming experience. We can assure you that the game will be released but the exact date can be delayed slightly.

  • Game doesn’t meet your expectations

We acknowledge that it is impossible to meet the expectations of every individual but we can ensure you that the game 

  • Force majeure

Like any other projects, force majeure such as natural catastrophe, global pandemic, war , etc. could be the reason for the production halt. We will not be able to refund the backers if any of these circumstances happens.


$1,000,000 is not a small amount of money but is not unreachable. It’s hard to convince you with only words like these so please check out more about the project and our studio here. We are thankful for your support!